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Any questions? Use our Contact page HERE. But first, don't be a lazy ass and READ this page first.

Q: Do you make any money with this website?
A: No! But I'll do if you buy something on Amazon through our links!

Q: I want to listen to band X or Y, why they're not on the website?
A: Because they don't! Suggest the band through the Contact page and maybe it'll be the next one!

Q: Why did you choose a Blogspot address instead of an unique URL like .com?
A: Because a domain and a server costs money and this is just a thing I do because I like it. I just hope I can help you discovering new music.

Q: What's the point of the blog if all the music comes from places like Spotify?
A: The goal here is not to provide exclusive content. Of course you can just go to Spotify and find everything there. But you will not find anything useful typing '90's Rock' on Spotify. So here, I can get straight to the point and, hopefuly, I can help you in discovering new music.

Q: How can I help 90's Rock?
A: You can suggest new bands, buy music through our Amazon links, click on any ADS links, spread our links to your friends or in social websites or simply CLICK HERE.
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